race mirror GP of road Atlanta was great success

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race mirror GP of road Atlanta was great success
Race Mirror Grand Prix of Road Atlanta was Great Success!

Nov 4th, 2019- From pawleys Island, Sc.-     The Race Mirror Grand Prix of Road Atlanta ended in some controversy but there is no doubt that Mauro Fauza is still the man to beat.  Unfortunately after another stunning performance in the southernformulacar.com championship rounds from Michelin raceway at Road Atlanta, Maura Fauza was denied the win and the championship by a rules infraction. The stewards claimed after the race the Fauza jumped the start of a double pace car start.  Since this result is currently under appeal the race is unofficial at this time. The direct beneficiary of this result would be who else but DeJavu man Doug Stewart.  The  penalty imposed on Maura Fauza of 2 positions for jumping the start immediately brought Doug Stewarts Championship hopes from dead to back on life support. Its reminiscent of the previous season when he accomplished the impossible task of winning the southernformulacar F1600 championship under very similar circumstances.He trailed by about the same amount as he went into the very last event at Roebling Road and everything went his way as he finished 2nd but won the title. The human quicklift Doug Stewart  is laying off the body building for the rest of the year and is going into marathon training as he needs to drop some serious weight after bulking up to nearly winning the national bodybuilders championship.  yes that is correct, normally a sport for small lean drivers Doug breaks the mold and tries his best to make it back to back titles.
     Maura Fauza clings to a 9 point advantage under series rules that counts your best 8 results with Atlanta recorded as double points since it was only a single race. Beating the animal(mauro) is no easy task in his LTD Motorsports prepared car. He would have won every race that he entered in the 2019 season if not for this misfortune in Atlanta. Even with that unfortunate turn of events Maura has everything to be proud of and he really drove a brilliant race.  The Driven Race oil 100 weekend at Roebling Road in 2 weeks is now the final event separating these two drivers from the championship. It certainly is building up to be a great weekend as this race is also counted as a SAARC points race for 2020. 
    As all the drama played out in the championship we had a fine battle for 2nd place throughout the race.  The Doug and Doug show(Rocco and Stewart) kept us entertained throughout the 18 lap feature race of the day. Doug Rocco from Sandisfield , Mass. put on a brilliant display of driving as he competed in the series for the first time of the year and added to the 26 different drivers who raced in the 2019 championship.  Rocco Rolled the car out Friday morning picked up the mandatory limit of only 1 set of American Racer tires and ended up qualifying on outside pole for the race.  I was invited up to the new Michelin tower to give a little color commentator view with Scott Conway the Road Atlanta announcer and I jokingly said that i guess Rocco needs some new Carbon Fiber mirrors offered up as prizes for the top 6 positions by the Race Mirror company. Sure enough Doug ended up 3rd spot initially right behind Doug Stewart but with the Mauro penalty he was moved into 2nd.  Doug Stewart also had a great drive grabbed 2nd spot from start and never gave up the position as he tried to hang with Fauza but had a mirror full of Rocco from start to finish.
    Another driver with fantastic day would be 4th place finisher Skip Weld.  Skip arrived in the track early Friday morning put on new tires and went out to qualify.  Skip told me the last time he had driven Road Atlanta was 1995 before the change in the famous dip was added to slow down cars before the bridge turn.  Well Skip did a fine job and walked away with another set of the many styles of mirrors offered by Race Mirrors sold through primusracingparts.com  . Skip also said his motivation for running the race was to brush up his Airplane landings which dramatically improve after a weekend in a very fast and nimble F2000 car.  I guess landing an airplane is easy after piloting a race car around Road Atlanta for the weekend.
    Bringing up the top 5 positions was that of Hartley MacDonald in his brand new MZR powered Van Diemen that he picked up the month before.  He decided to make the move out of F1600 earlier in the year and try something a bit quicker with the F2000 car.  This was the first race ever in the car or in a winged car for that matter and i would say 5th spot is very solid considering he hadnt even driven one of these cars let alone raced at the very demanding Road Atlanta. 
   We certainly cant forget the final Race Mirror payout position and 6th place finisher Ironman Jim Belay.  Who goes on to keep recording more f2000 starts then anyone in history.  Jim and his wife Carol decided to abandon their long time tow vehicle which was reminiscent of the motorhome on breaking bad to a state of the art motor home .  Jim and carol were not use to arriving to the track on time based on the previous years travel experiences in the old unit and it was really fantastic to see them roll into the paddock in that beautiful machinery.  All the joking aside Jim Belay,Hartley MacDonald ,Stuart Jackson and Michigan driver Carlos Franco had a nice battle throughout the race.  This was the first race for Stuart Jackson to be back in the car since his early departure of the Quartermaster Classic back in April.  He still feels that their is something missing in the engine department as he works to get ready for final race of the year at Roebling Road.  Jims 6th place finish catapulted him up to 3rd in points with only 2 races remaining he could capture the year end bonus for highest finishing Ford Classic powered cars. Jim has certainly had his difficulties making it to the track this year but when he does arrive he really makes it count.  With the new tow vehicle the sky is the limit. 
   We were really disappointed  that Marc Stern failed to make it to the starting grid for the race. In the Late friday qualifying session Marc had a steering failure with caused him to go off track on exit of 110 mph turn 1.  He managed to save the car and no real damage but he did collect pounds of gravel in the sidepods.  As he went out in morning warmup to see how the car felt before the afternoon race the water pump belt came off the engine and ended his weekend.  It was a real disappointment for Marc to go home because he is usually a threat and cant imagine he wouldnt have made his way though the pack towards the front .  Hopefully Marc will rebound and make the final race weekend Nov 16th-17th at Roebling Road where he captured the 2018 championship with a win.  We were missing many regular drivers at Road Atlanta so we only started 10 cars but a great 10 it was and just a really nice weekend of weather and a great weekend overall.We look forward to this event on next years schedule as Race Mirror has committed to the 2020 season.

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