Tim Paul dominates Round 1

Posted by bb on 4/28/2019 to News
Tim Paul dominates Round 1
 Tim Paul Dominates Round 1 of Quartermaster Classic

April 28th, 2019- Roebling Road, Georgia-     Tim Paul used his vast F2000 experience to dominate round 1  of The Quartermaster Classic at Roebling Road Raceway in Savannah,Georgia.   The first race of the Southernformulacar.com F2000 championship sponsored by American Racer tires and Primusracingparts.com got off to a great start this weekend in Savannah, Georgia.  Tim Paul a veteran driver of the F2000 championship series decided to give this series a try as he has decided to wind down his F2000 racing in 2019 and look to other outlets .  Tim has really proved that he is a top notch driver as a grabbed the pole and led every lap of Saturdays race on route to the victory. He also grabbed the fastest lap of 1:12.449  just over John Herscher  1:12:549 who had to start from back because of mechanical issue in qualifying.  Tim is a really good guy and running with Rsports Performance they really were the class of the field. He did not put a wheel wrong and took an easy victory in the 17 lap race.
    It may have been easy for Tim Paul but the rest of the field was locked up in a very tight battle just about every lap of the race. Finishing 2nd was Fletcher Wulff in his Wullf Motorsports entry. Fletcher drove a fine race as he passed several cars and finally getting around Keith Roberts on his way to a fine 2nd place finish.  Keith Roberts another formula open wheel champion had been out of racing for last 10 years but decided to purchase a F2000 car with the recent growth of the series. You would have not known he had been out of racing that long because he really did a fine job of driving to pick up the final podium spot and the first leg of winning the prizes provided by Quartermaster Clutches for the top 6 finishers of the weekend.  Jim Belay showed that he is force and drove a particular fine race nearly grabbing the 3rd spot from Roberts as he made a valiant effort to make last lap pass. 
    Marc Stern, last years champion didnt have the race that we are use to with him, but he managed to walk away with decent points so he will try some new things for Sundays race.  Scott Vreeland made the trip from California as a special guest of Primus racing parts and he was on his way to a great finish until he damaged the front wing which caused him to drop back. Scott is a regular driver in the Primus racing parts Pacific F2000 championship so it was great to see how he stacked up against the east coast guys and he proved that he is very capable. John Herscher as mentioned nearly had the fastest lap  as he tried his best to pick off cars starting from the back.  John said his car was perfect and he looks forward to Sundays race. We were also pleased to have Daniel Guenther down from his normal racing area in Michigan.  It was his first time on American racer tires and they feel that they were a little off on the pressures so he will also look to make changes and move up in Sundays feature race.
    We had some late cancellations from the original 17 car field due to various reasons but it was still a very good field and the competition level was strong throughout the grid.  We also look to See 2018 1600 champ Doug Stewart in his brand new MZR Van Diemen that he has worked un told hours to finish car for the first race of the year.  He made the final adjustments to roll out in Saturdays race, but to find a problem with clutch so he did not make the start.  Look for Doug to make a charge today in his beautiful new Van Diemen.  Our series has adopted the rules of the F2000 championship series so you are allowed to run MZR cars with sequential gearbox.   The other MZR car in the field Stuart Jackson had some new car problems as well so he ended up exiting early from the race.  Stuart is certainly one of the favorites to win this weekends race so he was surely upset having to go home early, but you know he will fix problems and be back on top. The whole Jackson family had a terrible start to the season as Adam Jackson blew is engine on the first lap but he has vowed to be at next event in West palm Beach in May.
   Overall its a great atmosphere and a fine start to 2019 as we hear of many new people buying cars and coming out to race in the series.  We really concentrate on controlling cost in the series and the fever is spreading like wild fire as we look to great fields throughout the season.  If you are interested in running in the series go to http://www.southernformulacar.com for info.