The first half of the GPfour Driven Race Oil 100

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The first half of the GPfour Driven Race Oil 100

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The first half of the GPfour Driven Race Oil 100

Braselton, Georgia (Nov 5th, 2016) The first leg of The Driven Race Oil 100 is in the books and it was really a great start to the weekend. We attracted a first class field to Road Atlanta and it really made for some interesting storylines. There was 18 cars on the final entry and I couldn't be happier about the way everything has turned out this weekend. The green flag waved to start the race and all the GPfour cars went flying into turn one at Road Atlanta and it was a beautiful site to see everyone make it through . Scott Rettich took the lead for the first lap and Paul Schneider followed close behind and Lee Rackley after a brilliant start came through in 3rd with Flynn Lazier in 4th. There are so many talented people in this field that any number of them are capable of winning the race. Flynn Lazier, the 2nd generation driver, son of Indy champ Buddy Lazier was so impressive in his first ever start in a winged car. He was immediately as quick as the leaders with only a few laps in the car. Becker Reardon, one of the favorites for the weekend did not make the start because he had contact in the morning warmup with a car in another class and they were not able to make repairs in time for the start of the race. Reardon will be sure to be a threat tomorrow morning for qualifying for the 2nd leg of the doubleheader which is the feature event on Sunday.

Rettich came around lap 1 with the lead but newley crowned South series champ Paul Schneider was determined to put his #73 Charlotte motorcars entry into the lead for lap 2. I will be honest, I am not sure if he made the pass or not because Rettich and Schneider were side by side going into turn 1. I am not sure who led the field up the hill around to the back of the Iconic Road Atlanta. Those two guys were really setting up for the battle of the century. Meanwhile Elliot Finlayson after tangling at the start had a slight spin and went to back of the field. This was not last we would see of Finlayson as he battled his way back through the field. The cars came through the bridge turn at the top of the hill and Paul Schneider had taken back the lead with Rettich setting up for a pass into turn 1. A couple seconds back was Rackley in 3rd , lazier 4th, Hannah Zellers in 5th, Andrew Cross Jr in 6th and Trevor Cooper in 7th. This time into turn 1 Scott Rettich did something that we rarely have ever seen, he went off the track and into the turn 1 tire barrier. This guy always finishes a race and usually in first place but this was not to be the day for the Multi Championship winning driver. I spoke with Rettich after the race and he thought his throttle had stuck going into turn 1 which would explain the unusual exit into the tire wall . Schneider was now in the lead followed by veteran Lee Rackley and few seconds back charging Flynn Lazier . Meanwhile Elliot Finlayson was picking off cars and back in the top 10. It was really too bad Rettich was retired from the race because that was shaping up to be a brilliant race between Schneider and Rettich.

Hannah Zellers was having a great race considering it was her first time at Road Atlanta, so she was doing everything possible to stay at the front. As the race progressed Paul Schneider was picking his way through some lapped traffic when he slammed one of the curbs which knocked the toe out of the steering of the car so he started losing his lead every time he would go through a RH turn. Flynn Lazier had really settled in and was driving like a champ clicking off very fast laps and he was able to get by lee Rackley for 2nd and then he set his sights on Schneider. Meanwhile Elliot Finlayson had made his way up to 4th place and made the pass on Rackley for 3rd as he also collected the hard charger award from American Racer tires to win a free set of tires.. Local driver Andrew Cross jr was driving another fine race as he had done back in July and moved passed Hannah Zelers for 5th. Karting champ Trevor Cooper also made a late race pass into 6th place. As the cars circulated for the final lap Flynn lazier came really close to Schneider, he had 1 back marker in between himself and Paul. The final podium spot went to Elliot Finlayson after a brilliant recovery, 4th place to the very talented Lee Rackley,5th Andrew Cross Jr, 6th Trevor cooper, 7th Hannah Zellers, 8th Eric Cruz, 9th Ray Mason and rounding out 10th spot was the Comprent motorsports driver Ted Thorp.

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