Series Rules

series rules:
FC class based on F2000 championship rules which run according the SCCA  Formula Continental rules except for following

*all competitors must run spec American Racer designated spec compound- 4 tire rule per race weekend. In the event that a tire is damaged the tire can be replaced 
with  approval of series official with a used tire no better then tire that was on the car.
*all tires will me marked prior to first qualifying session.
*American Racer rain tires are also required to run in wet conditions
* best 8 race results will be counted towards championship points, unless it is a single race weekend and double points are being awarded
* anyone not obeying series rules with be disqualified from the weekend.

* pinto powered cars weight 1200 pounds with driver, zetec powered cars 1220 pounds
* required to run Performance friction brake pads purchased through primus racing parts.