Quartermaster classic draws large field

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Quartermaster classic draws large field
Quartermaster Classic Draws Large Field

From Road Atlanta March,5th, 2019-   We are now about 45 days from the start of 2019 season of the southernformulacar.com Quartermaster Classic. The excitement builds each day as we get closer to the most important event in formula continental racing in 10 years. The southern formula car championship is experiencing growth in the 2019 season like never before and we are proving that if you make formula car racing affordable and offer a few prizes you will draw talent from all over the country. We are entertaining drivers from as far as California, Wisconsin,Michigan,Illinois and Virginia. not to mention all of the new drivers from southeast region of the country and the drivers that have supported the series from day 1. 
     American Racer tires the title sponsor and Primusracingparts.com are the companies responsible for launching the series but many new companies have joined in the action and we keep adding more.  Here is the list of current sponsors offering a wide variety of support and prizes through out the year. Aim electronics, Speedcom Radios,Quicksilver Raceengines,Performance Friction brakes,Taylor race engineering,Gridsport.net . The following companies have pledged event support and offering real prizes at these three events. We start the season with the 2nd Anual Quartermaster Classic at Roebling Road in April, Race Mirrors sponsoring Race Mirror Extreme challenge at Road Atlanta in Nov and finally Driven Race Oil 100 sponsoring the final event at Roebling Road. Our goal with the series is to offer low entry fees and good competition and limit any cost possible. 
     We are thrilled about all of the folks coming to Roebling Road for the first event and we are proud to announce that Dave Livingston the team boss of LTD Motorsports from Howell, Michigan will be running a 2 car team for the entire championship.  Dave told me he could have run anywhere this year but he sees great value in the Southern Formula Car Championship so he has convinced his 2 drivers to run the entire season. Mauro Fauza one of his drivers recently decided to run this championship because he wanted to run in large fields and good competition and this was the most cost effective place to go.  The travel is a big thing coming from Michigan but the savings on entry fees and tires will  exceed any travel cost. We are awaiting the announcement of the 2nd driver but he is very close to securing that deal.
     We should also see Nick Palacio from Virginia for a couple events.He had his first pro win in the F2000 championship series at VIR in 2017 and he was forced to limit his racing due to time constraints. He like many others likes the idea of racing in an environment that you are not spending too much for the basics to be competitive. 
    One of the features about our series which attracts many cars is our formula to keep the original engines in the class competitive. This 2.0L pinto engine system receives a 40 pound weight advantage over the newer zetec engines. The SCCA also implemented a new rule that may also give the older engines a slight gain in the horsepower. Peter Harholt contacted me recently and he owns a 99 Van Diemen with the original pinto powerplant. He expressed his interest in running some races this year and he is rumored to be bringing the famed Porsche and endurance racing expert Don Scheinders along to run his car. Don is a long time friend to myself and my brother Jon so it would be a great thrill to have these guys join us for the Quartermaster classic. Everyone just wants a fair chance to win, and we feel this rule allows that fairness between the different configurations.
     We really hope everyone can make it to the first race, because that could possibly the most important race all year long. we want to send a strong message to all the sponsors that this is a fantastic place to put their dollars. I cant stress how vital it is that everyone possible make it to this event. We are gaining attention with each new driver that joins our group and it makes it much easier to attract companies when you have large fields with such a high level of talent. The amount of new drivers entering the series is simply amazing. Doug Stewart the 2018 F1600 champ decided to sell his Swift and go F2000 racing. As long as Primus delivers the balance of parts needed to complete assembly he will be at the first event. Some of the other drivers have also purchased new cars in search of winning the 2018 title are Adam Jackson,Stuart Jackson, Bob Coury, Bill Herscher, Chris Fahan, Ian Macpherson and 2018 FC champ Marc Stern also purchased new car.                                                                                                                                                        
     American Racer tires have  produced a great new rain tire,(hopefully this wont be needed) but just in case these will be available this year. The good thing about these American Racer tires is that they are fast and durable.  Roebling Road can be hard on tires,but there is no problem making the 1 set last the weekend, which is our series rule. We will be adding a baseline set up to the website very soon along with other rules that are applied in this championship. We have also ordered from Zat Graphics the black sponsor strips that are placed on the bottom of the left and right sidepods. Its a great way to show all the sponsors on one strip and I will begin sending these out to all the drivers in about 1 week. please feel free to contact me about any questions about the 2019 season and especially this is one of the most important event of the year, THE QUARTERMASTER CLASSIC>

Regards Brad Baytos-  President Southernformulacar.com

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