4 Different winners in 4 Races

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4 Different winners in 4 Races


                   For Immediate Release:

                                                                                          Four Winners In Four Races- Nelson Takes Final Win of Winter Leg!

       From Pawleys Island, South Carolina  Jan 17, 2017. 
         The forth race of the series at Sebring was quite challenging,  many of the drivers were complaining about slow back markers so this race was somewhat the survival of the fittest and there was not nearly enough green flag racing for anyone to capitalize on the speed of their set up changes . When the green flag waved at the start of the race Flinn Lazier in the Primus Racing Team entry made a brilliant start from 6th spot and jumped into the lead with pole sitter Kerry Jacobsen in the Comprent Motorsports car  right on his tail as Thomas Green who qualified on outside pole was shuffled  back to 6th . Green after his misfortune in yesterdays race was probably being a bit cautious and he just wanted to make sure he walked away with a decent finish. Quinten Nelson, The Alliance Autosport Driver followed in 3rd spot after his great disappointment in the Saturday race. Lee Rackley followed close behind in 4th spot and points leader Paul Schneider in 5th.
         On lap 2 Lazier was flying down the front strait and he had a mechanical failure and he managed to save the car and pull over off the track as Kerry Jacobsen took over the lead. Lazier was really disappointed with the DNF as he really needed the points after missing the first 2 races at Homestead. On the restart Jacobsen made contact with another car and that put him out of the race as well. Kerry's team mate Todd Vanacore was also involved in an  incident at another area on the track which caused damage to his car and he was also retired from the race. The red flag came out after these few incidents for several minutes as they collected the damaged cars from the track. On the restart Quinten Nelson was really on the gas knowing there was very little time remaining.  Lee Rackley was close behind and meanwhile the speedster Justin Gordon made is way into the 3rd spot behind Rackley.  Everyone's cars were running very fast but there just wasn't enough remaining laps for anyone to make any serious moves on Nelson for the lead. I believe all of the people in the top 7 had fast cars but there was only a 2 laps remaining to the end. Quinten Nelson pulled off a great win with veteran Lee Rackley who has driven in many different open wheel championships grabbed a solid 2nd place. Justin Gordon had another impressive 3rd spot on the podium while Paul Schneider managed a 4th spot, Tom Green 5th and Ray Mason 6th. I think everyone was a bit exhausted after the back to back races in Florida and it will be nice to have a long break before the next event on the schedule at Road Atlanta in March.
      As I look to the next event I see a chance we could have 5 winners in 5 races as we will have a great field of cars in attendance. Paul Schneider is very determined to keep his points lead but there is a whole stack of folks ready to pounce and try and take it away. I am also amazed at how important these races are becoming to win, you can really see the tension building at each event as all the competitors are driving at a top level. I would rate the level of talent very high in this group and it will only gain momentum as we move to each event. I am particular excited to see the North series start there races and the potential shoot out at the runoffs between the North ,South and California drivers.
                    Here are the points standings after 4 races in the GPfour South Series, there will be some special contingency awards given out at Road Atlanta according to these points positions of the last 4 races.

1)  Paul Schneider            79

2)  Quinten Nelson          74

3)  Kerry Jacobsen            72

4) Justin Gordon                68

5) Ray Mason                     55

6) Todd Vanacore              53

7) Trevor Cooper               47

8) Lee Rackley                  38

9) Flinn Lazier                 37

10) Becker Reardon           32

11) Mark Schneider          28

12) Tom Green                 27

12) Austin McCusker      27


The next event is at Road Atlanta and here is the entry list of confirmed drivers - Registration opens Feb 1 so it helps my negotiations
if everyone registers soon as possible

1)Paul Schneider           

2)  Quinten Nelson          

3)  Kerry Jacobsen           

4) Justin Gordon               

5) Ray Mason                    

6) Todd Vanacore             

7) Carl Martin            

8) Lee Rackley                 

9) Flynn Lazier                 

10) Becker Reardon          

11) Elliot Finlayson       

12) Tom Green                

13) Andrew Cross jr

14)Rob Futcher

15) Eric Cruz

16)Ted Thorpe

17)Mark Walthew

18)Craig Haltom

19) Cruz 3rd car TBA

20)Mark Schneider (tba)

21) John Mcaleer

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