2019 Southern FC schedule

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2019 Southern FC schedule
 2019 Southern Formula car Schedule and many new faces
From Pawleys Island,SC, Dec.12,2019-  The Southern Formula Car Championship for Formula Continental cars is exploding with new entries every day and here is a preview of the drivers
and schedule for 2019. Since American Racer has announced their new year end prize fund for the 2019 FC championship ,it has really gained the attention of the regular drivers and many other new drivers. Just this week many participants have purchased cars from the other main sponsor primusracingparts.com    Adam Jackson , the commercial airplane pilot and son of already committed  driver Stuart Jackson purchased a 2001 Van Diemen zetec F2000 car and he is extremely excited to run the entire season . Veteran driver Chris Fahan who has multiple championships over his many years of racing just purchased a Van Diemen USF spec car from primus this week and he intends on running several races and possible sharing the car with Ian Macpherson a new Savannah, Ga. resident. Another new savannah resident Paul Rieffle from R-sports Performance products has announced plans to run Scott Gesford for the entire schedule. Nelson Calle, a former Hooters cup f2000 driver is rolling out his 95 VD after Rafael Giraldo of Classic motors from Miami did a full rebuild on the car with all parts purchased through primus parts.  Nelson is a very good driver and he will be eligible for special championship bonus for highest finishing 97 or older chassis in final championship points. Rumors also are swirling that Doug Stewart the Southern F1600 2018 champ may make the jump to the F2000 category. His storybook finish at the final race of the year to capture the 1600 title will certainly put him in a category to be a contender. Another 1600 ace Hartley Macdonald has hopes to purchase a USF spec car and join the championship for 2019. Dave Livingston from LTD motorsports has plans on bring 1 or 2 cars for a season long effort as well.  The reason for all the new interest in the series are attributed to a few simple things.  No entry fee other the $300 for SCCA regional, we have our own group at majority of the races or at least split start with very few other cars on the track, Spec American racer tires with only 1 set permitted for weekend at a very reasonable cost way under the norms and the series also provides its own website and prize fund.   http://www.southernformulacar.com/ 
      We also can not forget our regular drivers such as Chris Dunlap who won a prize for most laps completed for the season.  Jim Belay, who has flirted with winning the title every year but always has some misfortune that takes the title away at the very end. There is also Stan Hallock who just rebuilt his pinto motor and will be ready for action. Bill Herscher just purchased a new generation Van diemen so he will be moving up the grid. Bills brother John Herscher our 2017 champ will always be at the front.  Fletcher Wulff in the Wulff performance development machine won a few races in 2018 and they are also trying to bring in another driver  for 2019.  Jim Johnson will usually show for a few races in his immaculate VD zetec car and he is always tough to beat. Chris Scharnow only did a couple events last year but he will be back in force and he is certainly capable of winning. Skip Weld also a multi race winner will most likely compete in 2019 but he would really like to put a deserving driver in his car for the season. David klutsenbaker will be back after being sidelined early with blown engine and then later family health issues.  Now we certainly cant forget Marc Stern, our 2018 champion, he recently purchased a zetec powered car and you can always consider him as a front runner. 
     I had to make some schedule changes because the pro f2000 championship series schedule was released and I will be running our new Pro Am sports car championship on those same weekend so I had to adjust the Southern schedule to suit that commitment .  any questions or any one interested in competing in the southern championship please call me at 727-804-747,   [email protected]   website www.southernformulacar.com
                                                                                2019 FC schedule
                                     Rounds 1 and 2      March 23-24     Carolina Motorsports park
                                     Rounds 3 and 4     April 27-28       Roebling Road Raceway   ( Quartermaster classic)
                                     Rounds 5 and 6     May 18-19         West palm beach
                                     Rounds 7 and 8     June 7-9              Sebring
                                     Rounds 9 and 10   Nov1-2               Road Atlanta
                                     Rounds 11 and 12  Nov 16-17          Roebling road
                                      drop 2 lowest results towards championship points
    Possible  participants for 2019
1)   Marc Stern           
2) James Belay     
3) Kenneth Weld 
4) Chris Dunlap       
5) Chris Scharnow 
6) John Herscher      
7)  Bill Herscher      
8)  Fletcher Wulff   
9)  Jim Johnson       
10 ) Stan Hallock    
11)  Rick Kirchner  
12) d.Klutsenbaker
13) Stuart Jackson
14) Adam Jackson
15)  Scott Gesford
16)  Nelson Calle
17)  Chris fahan
18)  Ian Macpherson
19)  Matthew Guzowski 
20)  Hartley Macdonald
21)  doug steward
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