2019 FC schedule

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2019 FC schedule
                                                                                              2019 Schedule Released for a Record Field of  Competitors

From :Pawleys Island, South Carolina-Feb 5th, 2019-  The Southern Formula car .com championship released the final schedule for 2019 as the series looks to have its largest fields to date. The Southern Formula car Championship sponsored by American Racer tires and primusracingparts.com is a SCCA sanctioned championship that runs in conjunction with SCCA regionals in the Southeast division and the series runs under guidelines of the f2000 championship series rules. We are very excited about the 2019 schedule as we gain new drivers each week and it appears that we will have approximately 20 entries at our first event at Roebling Road Raceway April 27-28. The first event will be sponsored by Quartermaster racing clutches and they provided a substantial prize package which paid prizes to the aggregated  top 6 positions of the 2 races  . We are grateful to Quartermaster for their support and we look forward to a fantastic event.
      The other big announcement which was released a couple months ago is that American Racer tires will pay out a substantial prize fund at the final event of the year to the top 3 points positions in the year long championship. American Racer has also now provided a really good rain tire that will be the spec rain tire for the 2019 season. Primus racing parts has also announced that they will pay out a $1000 parts certificate for the highest finishing 2 liter pinto powered car using that engine combination. Primus Parts has also agreed to pay $1000 parts certificate to the highest finishing 97 or older chassis in the championship points. Both of these class cars will also receive the 40 pound weight advantage which has shown over the last two season to win the championship so it remains to be a very competitive engine choice. Regarding engines Quicksilver Race Engines  has had a long history with Primus and we have named the engine builder the official engine supplier of the series which does not mean exclusive, but we will work closely with Sandy and Erik from Quicksilver to develop a fixed engine rebuild price for Zetec powered cars as we did when Primus operated the Cooper f2000 series from 2001 through 2006. Over recent years the rebuild cost for these engines has skyrocketed and we intend to fix this problem and assure competitors that we can develop a fixed rebuild price that will not break the bank on engine rebuilds. Elan Power products will be official engine supplier for the Mazda powered cars and they have also established a fixed rebuild price for these engines.
      The 2019 championship continues to add perks to the series and one of those Perks will be that Primus Racing Team will provide tech inspection at all of the races and also technical advice to any drivers that are in need of assistance to try and improve their performance.  Primus Racing team will also provide a custom built 46' hospitality trailer for all of the competitors to gather during meetings, tech inspections and just a place to hang out and shoot the breeze and hear the latest gossip that racers love to do. This addition will become very important as we add the substantial prize funds. Jon Baytos and Derich Cutshaw who are responsible for several championships in the last 29 seasons including 5 Indy 500 wins with their graduates.  We have also implemented a wing rule for the Daytona event and these guys will be responsible to write this rule into the books to prevent drivers from changing their wing configurations and adding extra expense. They will also be in charge of marking tires at the beginning of the weekend to make sure everyone is in compliance with the 1 set rule of spec American racer tires per weekend. The series is all about cutting cost and everything we do is to achieve the goal of reducing the amount of money everyone needs to spend to be competitive. We want driver skill to dictate results and not the amount of money someone is willing to spend.
       We are also very happy to announce that Joe gibbs Driven Race oil will sponsor the final event at Roebling Road Raceway Nov 16-17 and they have committed a very nice package of products that will be distributed among all drivers in participation. We will also be handing out awards from our current sponsors each weekend from Quicksilver Race engines, Speedcom radios, Aim electronics ,Taylor race engineering, OZ racing wheels, Gridsport.net and Primus Racing Parts. 
       Now the final announcement is the driver line up for the first event.  We have recent announcements from many new drivers that will bring a level of competition that will make this one of the premier racing series in the country.  The average entry fee of $300 payable to SCCA at registration and the low cost of tires has grabbed the attention of many new drivers that will join our already great line up of drivers that have supported the series from the beginning.  Skip Weld won races in 2018 but he has decided to make his main focus in 2019 running other drivers in his car. Skip has always supported talented drivers through out his career and he has made a deal with west coast  Primus Racing Parts Pacific f2000 veteran Scott Vreeland to drive the Weld Motorsports Zetec van diemen for the Quartermaster classic.  Scott is one of the nicest guys you will meet and he is very excited about attending this event. He was rookie of the year in 2017 and capped off his season in 2018 with a fine 3rd spot on the podium at the Sonoma runoffs.  Since Primus is title sponsor for the Pacific F2000 series I am just elated that Scott will see how he stacks up against the east coast guys.  Another recent addition to the Quartermaster Classic and hopefully the balance of the season is Justin Gordon, the inaugural champion of the series.  He has since moved on to win races in the Formula enterprise class and most recently had a couple of top 5 finishes in the highly competitive F4 series in 2018.  He is a great kid and  solid driver so he has made a deal with Marc Stern to drive his 2nd pinto powered van diemen in the first event. Keith Roberts another previous racing champion has recently purchased a zetec van diemen and he is trying to have the car ready for this first event but look for him to be a possible contender when he is ready to run in the series. Nicholas Palacio from Virginia and a race winner in the highly competitive f2000 championship series has intentions of running this race and will do everything in his power to make this weekend. Nick is the poster boy for the private team.  He shows up to events with one person helping him and always does his best to run up front, so look for him to be a contender at the southern formula car championship. I am just thrilled about Nicholas running some of our events and he adds to a growing list of drivers that are considering the series.  Dave Livingston, team boss from LTD Motorsports is also trying to make a deal with his two drivers to run the entire championship and he hopes to make this official in the next 2 weeks. Hartley Macdonald is also rumored to be running a couple races as he would do double duty running 2 classes on a weekend with F1600 and f2000 as long as they are separated groups. Hartley came very close to buying a f2000 car but his schedule just didnt allow it to happen so we certainly hope to see him driving a winged machine this year. Bill Manofsky and Joe Henslee have also expressed interest in running there older FC cars and are just happy that the class is being revived in great numbers.
     Along with all these new folks mentioned over recent weeks we are also pleased about recent drivers purchasing cars to run the entire season, such as 2018 F1600 Champ Doug Stewart, Chris Fahan,Staurt Jackson,Nelson Calle, Adam Jackson, Ian Macpherson and Wullf motorsports may have a potential team mate to Fletcher Wullf for 2019. Since the first race is not until the end of April, it gives time for everyone to prepare their cars and secure drivers for this first huge event. I can not express how excited I am about all the new people but we certainly cant forget those that have been the backbone of the series in the early years and will also attend this first event. These drivers include 2018 champ Marc Stern, 2017 champ John Herscher and his brother Bill Hersher who recently purchased a new car which will give him a good chance to move up the grid. We have Chris Scharnow, Chris Dunlap,Jim Belay,Jim Johnson,David klutsenbaker and Stan Hallock who have all been so supportive over the last few years. please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns because I want this series to keep growing and I want it to be attractive to any FC drivers no matter what car they are driving.  looking forward to a great season and hope to see everyone at first event. We have also decided to count your best 4 weekends towards overall point championship. Road Atlanta is single race so it counts for double points. Schedule is now posted on website on this link.  Formula Continental Schedule 2019

I will announce soon plans for F1600 championship
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